PPEL Fundraiser and Friday Happy Hour

PPEL Fundraiser and Friday Happy Hour

Hey it’s Friday. And it’s beer. And it’s local music. Aaand it’s our 1st fundraiser as an official non-profit. We’ve got plans and we need your help. (That $10 admission.)
The live music includes Adam Doucet’s Coup de Main and Rodolfo Espinoza’s jazz and stuff combo. Mark your calendars and bring your friends.
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Event page on this website (with map).   Event page on Facebook (let us know you’re coming!)
PPEL Fundraiser 8:2014



LPSB: Lawsuit Threatened; Conditions Set; Draft of Potential Suit Available


Stories in the Independent and the Advertiser broke the news that Greg Davis, with Gary McGoffin acting as lawyer, have threatened a lawsuit against the board unless they comply with demands to pass as set of resolution that end the investigation of Superintendent Cooper and that the board accept last years budget going forward rather than finish putting together its own budget. The Advertiser in particular has a very interesting and informative set of comments that begin to raise appropriate questions. 

In response to a query I made in the Advertiser comments on that story Gary McGoffin kindly forwarded a copy of the cover letter, and a copy of the resolution he wants the school board to adopt to avert the threat of lawsuit. I’ve uploaded pdf versions to the PPEL site and are making them available at the following URLs:

The cover letter outlining the demands:http://www.ppelafayette.org/…/2014/08/Rule-65.1-letter.pdf

The proposed board resolutions whose passage would presumably head off the lawsuit: http://www.ppelafayette.org/…/Board-Resolution…

The draft copy of the application for an injunction against the board that would be filed against the Board should they fail to comply:http://www.ppelafayette.org/…/Injunction…