ALEC’s extensive plans for education restructuring in your state

ALEC’s extensive plans for education restructuring in your state


Mercedes Schneider has the story about how legislation promoting charter schools and boosted by ALEC is coming to your statehouse.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) (established 1973) offers corporate America the opportunity to shape legislation that serves its profit-garnering interests and to do so in statehouses around the country.

To accomplish this controlling of the legislative process, ALEC provides forums (conferences that double as posh vacations for legislators and their families) in which both companies and legislators meet in order to write and vote on “model” legislation. The agreed-upon “model” legislation is then advanced in statehouses nationwide, carried home with legislators like a corporate-financed virus, with AL EC providing abundant reminders and “talking points” (a short list of statements that offer the appearance of having detailed knowledge of an issue) for legislators to help ensure passage of bills designed to fill those corporate-sponsor coffers.

Read more at Mercedes’ blog: ALEC’s Extensive Plans…


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