“Film screening focuses on schools, reform efforts”

“Film screening focuses on schools, reform efforts”


20140414-104527.jpgThe Advertiser runs a ¬†story covering the public screening of “Rise Above the Mark”¬† being co-sponsored by the Louisiana Writing Project and PPEL. In addition to offering basic info as to the time and place the article reports on the discussion and response period scheduled after the event. From the article:

Toby Daspit, co-director of the Acadiana chapter of the National Writing Project, said he hopes the screening spurs conversation about the role of teachers in education, as well as efforts like charter schools and voucher programs.

“We definitely look at this as a conversation starter,” Daspit said. “The film uses Indiana as kind of the focus, but Indiana parallels Louisiana in terms of the impact of corporate reforms, privatization, the sort of cumbersome rules and regulations that are placed on teachers. It also touches on standardized testing and the sort of impact that has on student creativity and then teacher evaluations.”

Following the film, there will be moderated discussions about the issues addressed in the film. Audience members also will have the opportunity to share their thoughts on video.

“We hope to have a discussion of people’s reaction, if there are parallels to Indiana or not, and what next steps might be needed to align the community goals for public education, and address some of the challenges that exist,” Burruss said.

Get the details and a nifty map at the PPEL event page.

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