Forum members say law is complicated

Forum members say law is complicated


LAFAYETTE — The upcoming legislative session could be a chance for lawmakers to clear up confusion created by a 2012 law that has confounded school districts as it bounces through legal challenges, said educators who discussed the law, known as Act 1, during a forum Tuesday in Lafayette.

Act 1 changed several aspects of education law related to teacher pay, evaluation and tenure, superintendent contracts and transferred final approval of hiring and firing decisions from school boards to superintendents.

For the second time in less than a year, Act 1 was ruled unconstitutionalby a state district judge. With an appeal to the Louisiana Supreme Court pending, the law remains in effect. Another legal challenge of the law specific to its changes to teacher tenure is also still pending.

The law is creating money problems in cash-strapped districts over litigation filed by employees affected by the changes, said Scott Richard, executive director of the Louisiana School Boards Association.

“It’s one thing to pass a law with good intentions and it’s another thing to implement aspects of that law in the School Board rooms and districts in our state. All those things compounded have caused a great deal of confusion. We hope the legislature can take up those issues,” Richard said.


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