John White in Lafayette, 9am July 23rd, for first of nine regional LDOE meetings on ESSA: Every Student Succeeds Act.

John White in Lafayette, 9am July 23rd, for first of nine regional LDOE meetings on ESSA: Every Student Succeeds Act.


At 9:00 am on Tuesday July 23rd at Lafayette Middle School, State Superintendent of Education, John White, begins a series of public meetings about ESSA – the Every Student Succeeds Act. The public, including parents, teachers and community members are required to be involved to help build the state’s ESSA compliance plan. This provides the public the opportunity to change the state accountability system, one that is currently almost exclusively driven by standardized test scores.

ESSA, which replaces No Child Left Behind, marks a turning point. There are things that we can do now that we couldn’t do before.

  • We can choose multiple indicators -not just state testing- to demonstrate school quality and student success.
  • We can choose a better way to identify the strength of our schools. A single letter grade – A to F – doesn’t communicate what parents and educators need to know.
  • We can change our response to schools that struggle by involving parents, teachers and the community in determining interventions.
  • We can protect parental choice for children to opt out of state tests without punitive measures for children or schools.
  • We can eliminate the evaluation of teachers based on students’ scores on state tests.

Imagine schools that are measured by access to school support personnel, access to fine arts and foreign language programs, years of experience and expertise of the faculty, bullying prevention methods and positive behavior programs, parent and community involvement, and appropriate assessment programs. All of these opportunities to demonstrate student success and school quality are currently being ignored in Louisiana’s accountability system. ESSA gives us a path to demand that these measures be the standard by which our schools are judged. We can achieve this.

For more information about ESSA and how you can promote change, please click here for A PPEL Guide to ESSA. Print out the guide and share it with friends.


Superintendent White needs to hear from you. Please attend one of these regional meetings:

  • Tuesday, July 26- 9:00, Lafayette Middle School, 1301 W. University Ave., Lafayette
  • Tuesday, July 26- 2:00, Lake Charles Boston Academy of Learning, 1509 Enterprise Blvd. Lake Charles
  • Wednesday, July 27- 9:00, Aiken Virtual Program Building, 2121 Mason St., Alexandria
  • Wednesday, July 27- 2:00, Wanda Gunn Professional Development Auditorium, 1961 Midway, Shreveport
  • Thursday, July 28- 9:00, City of Monroe School Board, 2101 Roselawn Ave., Monroe
  • Friday, July 29- 9:00, McKinley Middle Magnet School, 1550 Eddie Robinson Sr. Dr., Baton Rouge
  • Monday, August 1- 10:00, Terrebonne Parish School Board, 201 Stadium Dr., Houma
  • Tuesday, August 2- 10:00, Fontainebleau High School, 100 Bulldog Dr., Mandeville
  • Tuesday, August 2- 1:00, Woodson/KIPP Central City Academy, 2514 Third St., New Orleans

Each one of the nine meetings begins at either 9:00am, 10:00am or 2:00pm – all times when many busy parents are at work. Superintendent White has said he would be happy to attend other meetings when he is invited. He should be invited back by communities and organizations for day and evening presentations, so more people can provide input. Don’t miss attending – or requesting – a meeting! It is a rare opportunity for the general public to create policy changes at the Louisiana Department of Education that will directly benefit our children.



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